Lebanese outfit sandmoon offers an original take on indie folk-pop, infusing it with subtle Middle-Eastern intonations and melancholy, and a certain timelessness. Singer-songwriter Sandra Arslanian, who initiated the project, was born in Lebanon, raised in Belgium and has Armenian roots – a contrasted blend that is perceptible in the music.

They released a first album “Home” in 2014, an EP “#IntheEnd” in 2016 and in 2018, a 3-song EP “Beirut-Berlin Session” produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey…). 

In 2016, sandmoon also wrote the original soundtrack to Lebanese director, Philippe Aractingi’s feature film ‘Listen’, which received the Award for Best Soundtrack at the Lebanese Movie Awards 2017.  

Sandmoon will be releasing their second album, “Put a Gun/Commotion” produced by Fadi Tabbal in Spring 2020. Stay tuned.


“One of the more alluring outfits to emerge in the region over the past decade” according to Cairo Scene, a leading regional online platform. 

“Characterized by sophisticated orchestration and folk-infused songwriting, Middle-Eastern inspired elements supporting Arslanian's sweetly quavering voice,” wrote IndieShuffle. 

“Arslanian herself invoking a bit of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell with her vocal and lyrical stylings,” according to RBMA Radio. 

“Each release brings slightly different colors and emotions – but always great melodies,“ wrote Beehype. 

"The band has some thought-provoking dualities at its core, not only looking East and West culturally, but also to the past, present and future for musical inspiration" according to Analogue Trash.

"It’s soft and potent with its messaging, skidding alongside tight drums and an electronic back bone. Layered vocals by Arslanian guide those grieving, almost as an undisclosed being. Yet, “Angels” doesn’t get lost in its synths or dreamy nature. Pockets of scuzzed guitars demand attention and release controlled rage" about the single Angels - according to Girl Underground Music.


The Musicians /

Sandra Arslanian - vocals, keys, ukulele, rhythm guitar
Sam Wehbi - lead guitars
Ribal Kallab - cello
Georgy Flouty - bass/soundscapes
Raja Rahbani/Dani Shukri - drums
+ Maen Rajab - lead guitars


About the New Album

ANGELS is the second single off the upcoming album by sandmoon "Put a Gun/Commotion" to be released Spring 2020. 

This single and the album in general are meant to create an authentic, intense and raw emotional atmosphere; that aim to land on the soundtrack of cult movies… 

Indie music from the beating heart of the Middle East, Lebanon.

The video can be summarized as follows: "It’s an emotional video about mourning and absolute love. It portrays a twelve year old boy trying to cope with the sudden, devastating loss of a parent by finding his way on his own. The pain forces him to face reality, in all its harshness and brutality. Yet in the midst of the chaos, there are moments of love, sparks of light that help him move on and replenish the emptiness.”



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One of the more alluring outfits to emerge in the region over the past decade”

Cairo Scene/Scene Noise

Recorded material

Put a Gun/Commotion


Album recorded at Tunefork Studio, Beirut.

Produced by Fadi Tabbal.

To be released Spring 2020

Beirut-Berlin EP


EP recorded at Riverside Studio, Berlin

Produced by Victor Van Vugt.



EP recorded at Tuneforkl Studio, Beirut.

Produced by Fadi Tabbal.

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Album recorded at Tunefork Studio, Beirut.

Produced by Fadi Tabbal.

In the press

Appeared on...

Here's a non-exhaustive list of radio/tv shows we appeared on: Democracy Now with Amy Goodman - NRJ Hits TV KZSU 90.1 with Ramzi Salti - Light FM - Radio 1 - Virgin Radio - RFI/Radio Liban - Rai 1 (Italy) - Redbull Music Academy Radio - Dubai Eye (UAE) - Club Melodie (Belgium) - Radio 1 (Belgium) - LBC - OTV - MTV...   

Played at...

Here's a non-exhaustive list of venues in LEBANON: Station Beirut, Onomatopeia, Radio Beirut, Art Lounge, Tota, Demo, New Mezyan, Bardo, EM Chill, Dany's, Zico House, Knock on Wood, Walimat Warde,...

Events/Festivals in Lebanon: Amnesty International/Sofar Sounds - Give a Home, Sofar Sounds Beirut, Jim Beam Rocks Festival, Light Fm/Zouk Mikael Festival,Lehfed Festival, AUB Outdoors, PLUR Events, Fête de la Musique, LAU Summer Fest, ALBA Music Cycle, Poetic Licence, AUB BraveHeart Healing Harmonies,... 

Venues in EUROPE: LONDON - Sofar Sounds London, St Margaret's House, Hornbeam Café, Art Pavillion,Ye Old Rose & Crown Theater  - BRUSSELS - Théâtre de la Flûte Enchantée, BAO, Concert en Appartment, Rock Classic - OEYNHAUSEN/MINDEN (Germany) - Druckerei, Ameise Kulturhügel - PARIS  - Pop In - STOCKHOLM - Pet Sounds

& Selected as an official SXSW 2019 artist





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